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          18 December 2019

          Do not underestimate the dangers of physical inactivity, warns University of Canterbury (UC) sports expert Professor Nick Draper, who has edited a new book to examine the causes of, and solutions to, physical inactivity.


          13 December 2019

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          12 December 2019

          New developments in rehabilitation research from the University of Canterbury (UC)’s Rose Centre for Stroke Recovery and Research has been made possible thanks to the generosity of Jim and Dr Susan Wakefield.

          Pardeshi, High Commissioner

          10 December 2019

          The High Commissioner of India, Muktesh K. Pardeshi, paid a special visit to the University of Canterbury (UC) campus recently. During the visit, a new $15,000 scholarship was announced.

          Associate Professor Justin Morgenroth

          04 December 2019

          Associate Professor Justin Morgenroth, from the University of Canterbury’s School of Forestry, has won the 2019 University of Canterbury (UC) Early and Emerging Career Researcher Award. The award recognises outstanding contributions to research made by a UC academic in the first decade of their career.

          Dr Tyron Love

          28 November 2019

          “It looks grim,” says Dr Tyron Love, a senior lecturer of Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the University of Canterbury (UC) College of Business and Law, of the preliminary findings of his research into the future of Māori academics in New Zealand universities.


          08 November 2019

          Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern unveiled the national memorial to 9,000 New Zealand victims of the 1918 influenza pandemic in Pukeahu National War Memorial Park, Wellington, on 6 November, assisted by University of Canterbury Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Rice, former Head of History in the College of Arts.

          Simon Brown

          06 November 2019

          A team lead by Professor Simon Brown at the University of Canterbury (UC) has developed computer chips with brain-like functionality, that could significantly reduce global carbon emissions from computing.

          Tyron Love

          05 November 2019

          Twelve University of Canterbury-led research projects have been green-lit by the 2019 Marsden Fund Te Pūtea Rangahau to the total of $6.54 million in diverse fields of research. The research covers four of UC’s five colleges, and includes research in engineering, management, computer science and software engineering, linguistics, political science and te reo as well as physical, chemical and biological sciences.

          child learening

          31 October 2019

          New research funded by A Better Start National Start Challenge advances science at international levels and addresses an urgent need to reduce inequalities in educational and mental health outcomes for Māori, Pasifika and those from low-income families.

          Volker Nock

          28 October 2019

          The University of Canterbury and Biomolecular Interaction Centre have just announced nearly $800,000 of investment in cutting-edge technology that combines additive manufacturing and nanotechnology in the form of the highest resolution 3D printing available world-wide.

          Rosemarie Martin and Kate Prendergast

          17 October 2019

          UNICEF’s shocking 2019 State of the World’s Children report reveals that at least two out of three children in the world are not fed the minimum of a healthy diverse diet. University of Canterbury researchers from the interdisciplinary Food, Policy and Wellbeing group comment on the wide-reaching implications.

          Volker Nock

          10 October 2019

          University of Canterbury (UC) engineer Dr Volker Nock has been awarded a 2019 Rutherford Discovery Fellowship to accelerate research into saving native trees from fungal pathogens, announced today by the Royal Society Te Apārangi.


          07 October 2019

          Magma is humanity’s final frontier. We have been to the moon, to the deepest oceans, but we have never ventured into a magma chamber. In this UC Connect public lecture, award-winning educator University of Canterbury volcanologist Associate Professor Ben Kennedy will encourage the audience to explore with him the different paths magma can take to the surface and the consequences.


          04 September 2019

          In a new paper, published today by Royal Society Open Science, University of Canterbury (UC) researchers looked into decades of research from 28 scientific societies in four countries covering five science disciplines and found the science gender gap is real. The data shows: Science is sexist.


          03 September 2019

          A University of Canterbury student spent an American summer researching how insurgents in Afghanistan modify their terrorism techniques.


          03 September 2019

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          28 August 2019

          Weka are often portrayed as little more than sandwich-stealing scallywags. However, a new study by University of Canterbury and Department of Conservation researchers has found that these charismatic birds also perform important services for Aotearoa New Zealand forests.


          27 August 2019

          The University of Canterbury is investing $2.6 million in cutting edge new research equipment which will strengthen research and teaching excellence in diverse fields, including biomedicine, engineering, drug design, and nanotechnology.

          Julia Rucklidge news image

          22 August 2019

          Children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) who took micronutrients had lower levels of a bacteria linked to the psychological disorder, and a healthier range of bugs in their gut overall, new research shows.

          UC Assoc Prof Aaron Marshall news image

          21 August 2019

          Could we be close to having sustainable, continuously rechargeable batteries that power our lives?


          08 August 2019

          How does a university walk the talk of building a sustainable future? University of Canterbury Sustainability Officer Dr Matt Morris looks at how one of New Zealand’s leading tertiary institutions is overcoming the challenges of moving to clean energy, not just in its research, but on its campuses.

          Geoff Chase

          06 August 2019

          UC Distinguished Professor Geoff Chase is working on world-first insulin sensor technology to enable ‘right now’ measurement for those managing type 2 diabetes.

          Sapling imaged in the Australian Synchrotron

          05 August 2019

          In what could be a world-first, UC researchers Associate Professors Daniel Holland and Matthew Watson, along with PhD student Tenaya Driller, have imaged live maple saplings at the Australian Synchrotron.


          05 August 2019

          Associate Professor Tammy Steeves, University of Canterbury, College of Science, School of Biological Sciences, comments on the new DOC biodiversity strategy.

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